i’m finally finished with buffy season 6 [chorus of hallelujahs] that was one of the worst things i’ve ever had to suffer thru especially That One Episode i almost gave up and stopped watching completely tbh

i’m going to like…….. completely ignore everything that happened with spike’s character development and with spike and buffy’s relationship in this season bc it was so embarrassingly bad and OOC for both of them and i don’t even wanna talk about That One Episode (and i’m really not looking forward to all the rape apology stuff i’m gonna have to deal with in season 7 they fucked up they fucked up so bad)

once more with feeling and the finale were the only worthwhile things that happened all season i’m never touching this trash again i am FREE

Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire in a candid moment, 1942.

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the gang gets held hostage makes it to my top 10 only on the account of

  • "start breakin bricks, wet nips"
  • "dennis… i love you"
  • the charlie/dee kiss
  • liam licking dee’s face

glenn howerton’s character on fx fargo literally looks like a sunburnt leprechaun and i’m still feeling Maximum Levels of Attraction this is how u know i’m in too deep

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omg jimmi simpson is in house of cards

all dramatic acting like

i love it when actors work across genre lines like that

like ok you can be this shady hacker man but let’s not pretend you’re not also robe-wearing milk-drinking incest-loving liam mcpoyle

almost every character on buffy is my favorite character but spike and faith transcend favorite-character-ness i wanna write like six essays each on them they’re so fascinating and so layered and so sad and i love them both for pretty much the same reasons i should’ve seen this coming tbh

buffy meme - characters (2/5)


cool it comes with a free refill 

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i’m so much more liable to get attached to characters who are really physically affectionate with each other tbh

like they can make bold speeches abt friendship all they want but i just wanna see them nuzzling each other’s faces and petting each other’s hair and kissing each other’s foreheads and hugging a lot that’s rly all i want

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Orange is the New Black cast for Entertainment Weekly (May 2, 2014)