not here for people who hate dawn

not here for people who hate dawn but love spike

not here for people who hate teenage girls

not here for people who can extend their sympathies to anything and everything but “whininess” aka the very real feelings of a teenage girl

These photographs by Matt Bower evoke such a feeling of nostalgia in me. I look at them and feel like I know this place, like I’ve been there many times. Taking a photograph that makes you desperately long for something you’ve never known is a rare talent. 

Lover’s Walk



God doesn’t want you to be happy, he wants you to be strong.

i think a lot about how dennis and mac are schemers while dee, charlie, and frank are manipulators

THIS IS SO?!?!!?????? especially with regard to dennis and dee because one of the largest differences btwn them is that dee is a parasite and dennis is the center of his own universe and all their neuroses very much correspond with that way of thinking

also the reasons that dee/charlie and frank/charlie and dennis/mac all are sort of perfectly suited for each other in ways that the other permutations of the gang aren’t exactly?? but it also explains why the manipulator/schemer combos achieve more, like mac and charlie or charlie and dennis aaaaaaaah

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treat other ladies like leslie knope treats ann perkins 

my favorite notp that i don’t ship so hard
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