Andy’s Seven Wonders of the World


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top ten power ballads

oh my god yeah ok

  1. time of my life
  2. africa
  3. here i go again
  4. dream on
  5. life on mars
  6. alone (what about love is good too idk they’re totally interchangeable)
  7. i wanna know what love is
  8. peace of mind (does peace of mind count idk the specific genre constraints of a power ballad)
  9. we belong
  10. alive and kicking
Top 10 Saul Goodman quotes

  2. "what did tom hagen do for vito corleone" (my tag for him lmao)
  3. "only the very best…. with just the right amount of dirty"
  4. "you seem to have a little shit creek action goin"
  5. the entire monologue when he first enters the room in his very first scene + the subsequent convo w badger seriously everything he says there is gold
  6. "conscience gets expensive doesn’t it"
  8. the thing about thomas magnum threatening the little guy with the mustache
  9. "drug dealer getting shot? it’s been known to happen"
  10. i should probably put “better call saul” on this list shouldn’t i
top ten relationships

(i only ended up doing things i ship romantically at least a little otherwise we’d be here all day)

  1. mac/dennis/dee/charlie codependent polyamorous ot4 and every 2-person combination thereof (iasip)
  2. buffy/faith (btvs)
  3. brandon/phillip (rope)
  4. badger/skinny pete (brba)
  5. al swearengen/seth bullock (deadwood)
  6. kim/lindsay (freaks & geeks)
  7. mako/raleigh (pacrim)
  8. mulder/scully (txf)
  9. rei/usagi (sailor moon)
  10. xander/willow (btvs) (even tho i don’t even like xander they are very??? important to me whoops)
top 10 sunny jokes/funny moments

if it’s cool i’m gonna do like…. top 10 recurring jokes instead bc jesus christ there are too many perfect one-off jokes on this show it would take me 8 years to filter thru and find all my favorites

  1. nightcrawlers
  2. dee’s dry heave
  3. every commercial the gang has ever made
  5. frank trying to give people eggs
  6. "bird law" (???) (????? ????????)
  7. mac’s whooshing sound effects
  8. milk steak (idr if this is recurring but it feels like it is)
  9. the gang’s supposedly comprehensive knowledge of gay sex
  10. dennis’s awful amazing taste in music

  1. dennis reynolds shrieking desperately to his former classmates about how he is the king of the mountain (and, alternatively, assembling his “tools” to enact revenge on all of them)
  2. dennis reynolds imploring his twin sister and his best friend to “get off” with him
  3. dennis reynolds fantasizing about smothering an attractive newscaster to death and getting off on it
  4. dennis reynolds giving himself a pep talk about peaking and flawlessly applying lipstick while rick astley plays in the background
  5. dennis reynolds falling at his twin sister’s feet and telling her that he’s the only man for her
  6. dennis reynolds fellating his british alter ego in a turtle’s dream in outer space
  7. dennis reynolds standing up in front of a crowded restaurant and singing “wind beneath my wings” to his totally not gay best friend in a totally not gay way
  8. "the thunder of my vengeance will echo through these corridors like the gust of a thousand winds"
  9. dennis reynolds setting art sloan’s lawn on fire - admittedly the coolest looking thing he’s ever pulled off
  10. dennis reynolds talking about his god hole


god i love gus fring so much man. young queer gus fring whose villain origin story starts with watching his boyfriend (the only person we’ve ever known for sure he Loved and Cared about) be murdered right before his eyes. gus fring the amazing business man the genius who is detached and calculated and doesn’t really care about anyone anymore and is as Villain as it gets and does Horrible things but never hurts the people i care about and just throws himself into this business bc that’s what he’s good at what he’s brilliant at but there is still so much anger underneath as much as he wishes there wasn’t. gus fring who needed revenge who murdered the people who killed his boyfriend and probably told himself it was at least partly about business even though he must know it was all for max. gus fring who values logic and organization but mostly loyalty and hates walter white bc he can’t stay on path and he can’t stay loyal and is a little fond of jesse pinkman bc he is as loyal as they come (but also frustrated by him bc he can’t get him to be loyal to him). gus fring who doesn’t value loyalty from a relationship standpoint (though maybe he did, once, when he cared enough to) but strictly from a business perspective. who cares about everything strictly from a business perspective. gus fring, who is as villain as they get, but whose story- though it parallels walt’s in some ways- is also the opposite in a lot of ways. walt turned into a villain and destroyed everyone he loved in the process. gus fring became a villain because what he loved most was destroyed.

i’m bored ask me my top 10 anything


Laverne Cox Is The Woman We’ve Been Waiting For

“It is revolutionary for any trans person to choose to be seen and visible in a world that tells us we should not exist.” 

Photos by Jeaneen Lund for BuzzFeed.


I’m Buffy. The vampire slayer, and you are? 


a world where the only form of communication is through superwholock reaction gifs

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Oh the bitten mouth, oh the kissed limbs,
oh the hungering teeth, oh the entwined bodies.

Oh the mad coupling of hope and force
in which we merged and despaired.

And the tenderness, light as water and as flour.
And the word scarcely begun on the lips.

»   Pablo Neruda, A Song of Despair (via camilla-macauley)  
Lonely Is The Night
68 plays
- Billy Squier