people who get all freaked out about the preteen/teenage girls who liked Snape are definitely freaking out at the wRONG people cause gee wiz uh…i wonder who’s responsible for framing snape’s narrative in a way that encourages sympathy…could it be the person who?? wrote the books????????

we may never know……..


 if I was looking for safe, I wouldn’t be sticking my dick through a wall


early seasons macdennis where dennis just treats mac like a friend b/c he doesnt know that mac is in love with him, but dennis is just such a touchyfeely guy that when he gets excited he puts his arm around mac n stuff and mac doesnt really get that hes in love with dennis yet so hes just like “oh man another great day out with dennis my bf best friend :))” and they both get excited and laugh n shit

a gifset per episode:  i’m with the band (1.06)

sunny ships we need more fic about:
- dennis/maureen in high school
- dee/cricket in high school
- dee/ingrid in high school
- charlie/waitress in high school
- charlie/mac/the other members of the ‘freight train,’ very interested in mac’s relationship w psycho pete considering his current infatuation with a psychopath
- dennis/tim murphy (before tim murphy’s alleged betrayal of him on prom night)
- of course: the codependent polyamorous ot4 in high school
- basically just put the gang back in high school and show me how they function in that world as opposed to this one, i want to get inside their heads i want it all i want everything

First day of kindergarten you cried ‘cause you broke the yellow crayon and you were too afraid to tell anyone. You’ve come pretty far. Ending the world, not a terrific notion, but the thing is yeah, I love you. I loved crayon-breaky Willow and I love scary veiny Willow. So if I’m goin’ out, it’s here. You wanna kill the world? You start with me. I’ve earned that.


sailor moon graphic meme: [2/5] inners

↳makoto kino/sailor jupiter

Brew a storm, call the clouds, bring down the lightning!




somehow I don’t think my priorities with this show are the same as other people’s priorities

Wow they literally pulled this out of the depths of their ass

see u say that but never at any point did it actually come into contact with my sphincter, or any other section of my lower digestive tract

have you ever noticed how tumblr caps the shit out of dudes making eye contact, accessorized with comic sans, and fandom receives it like the fucking illuminated manuscript guide to shipping, replete with hosannahs of “canon!” and “GAYYYY!”,  instilled with the self-evident superiority of all m/m ships because male desire is threaded with such heavy visibility in the concomitant spheres of modern textual production and reception networks, because male agency is saturated with such cultural weight it bleeds into remix culture, into fucking fandom, which is a predominantly female and non-male space, because it’s not enough that we shift without protest into “queer” spaces—male and cis and always, always whiter than milk—in between dominant narratives that bolster the hero and use women for his betterment, for his growth, for his ultimate stepping stone to glory and redemption and we cheer, we don’t even notice we’re stepping on ourselves because STOP THE WORLD MEN ARE LOOKING AT EACH OTHER THIS IS IT THIS IS THE QUEER WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR

and women shake hands, share a glance, an infinitesimal mark in the overarching narrative, subsumed beneath male agency and male drive and male desire and all that we invest therein, male sexuality—something fierce, something sharp and hard and forbidden and women, women are soft (I know, I’ve read femslash) and safe, supportive until they’re not, until they find the wanting in themselves,the desire, the agency,and then they’re usually dead and so

and so

a woman looks at another woman, I didn’t pick up on that, isn’t that funny, such a crack pairing

they literally pulled this out of the depths of their ass


a dee/waitress fanmix - in too deep - listen on 8tracks

1. saturday night - natalia kills // 2. when i’m small - phantogram // 3. stubborn love - the lumineers // 4. losing to the dark - la sera // 5. waitress - boy // 6. always like this - bombay bicycle club // 7. hot in herre - jenny owen youngs // 8. backstabber - ke$ha // 9. every time the sun comes up - sharon van etten

Ah it's your bday happy bday I always think abt u when I watch Sunny or think abt Walt/Jesse bc when I went into the tag for the first time is the first time I saw you and then I followed u and u followed me back and I was like 'aaah!'. I hope you got to eat a fancy dinner or something!!!!

AAAAH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! yea it ended at midnight but it was a pretty good one :’) and i’m glad to hear you picked this blog up out of the trash

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"I know what’s going on here. This is a Les Liaisons Dangereuses." "Oh shit! … What is that?"